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    UFGPC Audio team provides care for the greatest amount of technical needs for the ministries at church. Whether it’s a weekend service, mid-week Bible study, small gathering, workshop, or large-scale conference, chances are they at least need audio support for their ministry event.

    We will place volunteers who have no prior experiences into events with staff trainers that can help them operate consoles and learn, both by observation and by doing. Additionally, as key concepts are grasped and volunteers gain traction through the course of hands on training, the training wheels will come off and we will begin providing opportunities for you to serve in events that we’re confident you can handle on your own. But don’t fret, we’re always just a phone call away if you ever get in a jam and need some assistance when you’re operating solo in an event.

    To be straight forward and to the point with you from the beginning, if your aim is to start out operating the main audio console on the weekends for the main event or even a large scale ministry event, such as a weekend venue that has full band needs and multiple cues, chances are you will likely be disappointed. Even if you have years of audio experience, the dynamics of UFGPC Audio team are unique to UFGPC and there is still a level of integration, margin, consistency and trust building that must first take place before stepping into some of are large-scale events.

    With that said, we love hanging with our volunteers and often times we have volunteers who signup to sit in with some of our staff engineers at some of our large scale services and ministry events to observe and experience the dynamics of rehearsals, sound checks and multiple cues. This is always a welcomed opportunity we extend to all of our volunteers so that they can see things first hand and can observe how some of the “pro’s” do it. (we’re not trying to prop ourselves up we promise).

    Ready to dive in? Serve in the area of Audio with our Production team.

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