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    UFGPC Video team is second to none when you consider the level of saturation and impact the Video team provides at UFGPC. Whether it’s a weekend service, mid-week bible study, small gathering, workshop, or large-scale conference, chances are there will be some level of visual aid or capturing to support the productions for ministry events at UFGPC.

    We place volunteers who have no prior experiences into events with other team members who have become seasoned pro’s in their craft over the years together so that new volunteers can learn to operate equipment and learn, both by observation and by doing.

    Even if you have years of video experience, the dynamics of UFGPC Video team are unique to our church and there is still a level of integration, margin, consistency and trust building that must first take place before stepping into some of these higher skilled roles and large-scale ministry events.

    With that said, we love hanging with our volunteers and often times we have volunteers who signup to sit in with some of our staff or seasoned pro volunteers at some of our large scale services and ministry events to observe and experience the dynamics of video production. This is always a welcomed opportunity we extend to all our volunteers so that they can see things first hand and observe how some of the “pro’s” do it. (we’re not trying to prop ourselves up we promise).

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