We believe that families have a responsibility to live daily lives of faithful discipleship. In the Christian tradition, spiritual development and values formation are an intentional part of the family missional task. We believe in the shared responsibility of parenting by the men or women who are responsible for the children in the household.
We believe children and youth are to be shown and taught the meaning of the Christian faith and the observance of the disciplines of the faith. We believe that children and youth also teach their faith communities as they model faith full of wonder, curiosity, play, and openness to multiple possibilities.
We believe that the local congregation is the faith community into which diverse families are received, assisted in their faith development and spiritual growth, guided and equipped for ministry, and supported as they live out their faith daily in the community and the world. Through their ministries, congregations are intentional in developing and improving systems that enable and support the quality of life for families.

Проект сімейного служіння

bring together or into contact so that a real link is established

God | Spouse | Children | Church | Ministry.

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