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Pre-Marriage Course

Cover a range of topics aimed at preparing couples for a successful and fulfilling marriage

Course Schedule

This course schedule provides a structured outline for covering essential topics over a span of three sessions. Each session is divided into multiple lessons, allowing for in-depth exploration and discussion of key concepts related to marriage preparation.

list of topics

What you going to learn?

The role of the couple

Before entering into marriage, it's essential for couples to understand the significance of leaving behind their individual identities and priorities to form a new union. This module will explore the concept of leaving one's family of origin and the importance of prioritizing the marital relationship above all others. Couples will learn how to establish boundaries with their families while nurturing their bond as a couple.

The responsibility of the couple

Cleave means to adhere firmly and loyally to one another. In this module, couples will delve into the responsibilities that come with building a strong marital bond. They will explore the importance of commitment, trust, and mutual support in creating a resilient partnership. Practical strategies for strengthening the marital bond will be discussed.

The role of the wife

The role of a wife as a helper is rooted in biblical principles. This module will examine the biblical concept of a wife as a suitable companion and helper to her husband. Couples will explore the significance of mutual respect, submission, and partnership in fulfilling the wife's role as a helper.

The responsibility of the wife

Submission within marriage is often misunderstood but holds significant importance. This module will clarify the biblical concept of submission as a voluntary yielding of one's will to another out of love and respect. Couples will learn how mutual submission contributes to harmony and unity within the marital relationship.

The role of the husband

Husbands are called to be leaders within the marital relationship, following the example set by Christ. This module will explore the biblical principles of servant leadership and sacrificial love. Couples will discuss the husband's responsibility to lead with humility, wisdom, and selflessness, fostering an atmosphere of love and respect within the marriage.

The responsibility of the husband

Love is the foundation of a thriving marriage. In this module, couples will delve into the biblical definition of love as selfless, sacrificial, and unconditional. Husbands will learn practical ways to demonstrate love to their wives, nurturing intimacy, and fostering emotional connection.

Ensure In-Laws don’t become Out-Laws

Managing relationships with in-laws can be challenging but is essential for marital harmony. This module will provide strategies for setting healthy boundaries with extended family members while honoring and respecting their roles. Couples will learn how to navigate potential conflicts and maintain a united front in dealing with in-law dynamics.

Control money through covetousness or contentment

Finances can be a significant source of tension in marriage. This module will explore biblical principles of stewardship, contentment, and financial responsibility. Couples will learn how to manage money wisely, avoid financial pitfalls, and cultivate contentment regardless of their financial circumstances.

Satisfy your spouse's sexual needs

Intimacy is an essential aspect of marriage, and understanding each other's sexual needs is crucial. This module will provide a biblical perspective on sexuality within marriage, emphasizing mutual respect, communication, and intimacy. Couples will learn how to cultivate a fulfilling and satisfying sexual relationship based on love and respect.

Keep the heart burning

Romance is vital for keeping the spark alive in marriage. This module will explore practical ways to nurture romance and cultivate emotional intimacy. Couples will learn how to prioritize time together, express affection, and keep the romance alive in their relationship.

Speak the truth in love

Effective communication is essential for a healthy marriage. This module will provide couples with tools and strategies for communicating openly, honestly, and respectfully with each other. Topics may include active listening, conflict resolution, and expressing emotions in a constructive manner.

Love with all your heart

Loyalty is a foundational element of a strong and lasting marriage. This module will explore the importance of fidelity, trust, and commitment in marriage. Couples will discuss the significance of remaining faithful to one another emotionally, physically, and spiritually, fostering trust and security in their relationship.